Tricky questions for tricky times

See if you can answer any of these statements or questions about the mess without a scintilla of doubt in your mind.
Warning: Contains explicit language, which is, in one sense, rare in Washington.

The Russians tampered with the 2016 election by…

  • Hacking the Clinton campaign
  • Hacking the Trump campaign
  • Hacking the voting process
  • Hacking a hairball

James Comey was fired because he was…

  • Insubordinate
  • Incompetent
  • Inappropriate
  • Insufferable

Michael Flynn was fired because he…

  • Was a bad dude
  • Was a bad a— dude
  • Was a BAMF dude
  • Doesn’t want to talk about it

Who knows the truth?

  • Senate Democrats
  • House Republicans
  • Liberal snowflakes
  • Alt-right wing nuts
  • Vladimir Putin