“There’s a new sheriff in town…”

“…y’all best get used to it.”

Didn’t you love that line from Sawyer in “LOST”? The moment when everyone finally got word that the conman had conned everyone once again (Season 2, “The Long Con”) and had the guns to himself. Sawyer was the best, a character after my new cat’s heart, and that line is fitting for the reboot of my blog.

However, Chomps is not exactly new. At age 5, he’s still on the young side but he’s been with me for over a year now as a permanent member of the posse. He made a brief appearance as Guest Cat back in 2012, but he didn’t arrive until almost a half year after his LCG had passed. (Noted here in the entry, Final Job Review). The Sheriff just doesn’t make it out much to the cyber-range, so for all practical purposes, he’s new.

Who better to help me reboot my blog than someone with spotty record in enforcement. As I wrote a week or so ago, I don’t know what this reboot is going to be. I’m pretty sure it will concentrate on my progress in my writing projects (or lack there of), dispatches from command and control, and anything else that interests me. Be warned: TV shows are not off my list; although politics and religion will be for the most part.

So I can think of no one better qualified to help me flop around looking for a purpose than The Sheriff. His dossier:

  • Full name: Sir Chomps-a-Lot, shortened to Chomps
  • Alias: The Sheriff.
  • Vitals: Age, 5; height, 12″ at shoulders; girth, 19″ at chest, aspect ratio: 3×8, approximate; weight, 7.9 kg.
  • Gender: Male, responsibly nonreproductive

He’s still a growing boy. But he’d better stop soon though because he packs a wallop if he’s of a mind to test his theories about gravity in his physics studies. I include for your review, his current submission for this year’s schoolbook. We are hoping for a passing grade in at least one subject, although probably not in fitness and nutrition.

Yearbook 2015

What else is there to say? Stay in school, kids.